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Release notes for recent updates

This page displays the release notes for the most recent updates to FireCloud. Earlier updates can be found here in the forum.

Release Notes: February 2019

February 19, 2019


  1. When viewing a method configuration inside a workspace, the FireCloud UI now renders that configuration's Documentation field as markdown. The Documentation field can be collapsed to save space on the page.


  1. The Docker version installed on hosts and existing nodes was upgraded. The upgrade patches a security vulnerability in the Docker that runs on users' clusters.
  2. Work to horizontally scale that now allows users to run Leo on multiple machines that translates to better performance and reliability.
  3. Leo now recursively copies extensions. This allows users to specify JupyterLab extensions as a GCS prefix instead of a tar file.
  4. A fix was put in place to overcome a high CPU on Leo machines that manifested as slowness to the end user.

February 5, 2019


  1. The "Launch with FireCloud" feature in Dockstore is functional.


  1. A bug fix that shows an appropriate error message to user when certain types of Google errors could cause clusters to spin in "creating" status indefinitely.

Cromwell General fixes to improve call-caching:

  1. A fix that turned on a feature to temporarily disable cache-attempts-per-workflow to any previous bucket that fails due to errors.
  2. A memory cache of file hashes to improve caching performance.

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