As many of you know, GATK4 Beta is out and we are excited for the full GATK4 to be released in the new year. It has been a long time coming and we hope that many of you have gotten to experiment with its features before the big release. In fact, we’d like to know if you’ve tried it out! We crafted a survey that asks questions about your experience with GATK, the Beta release, thoughts on the upcoming GATK4 release and the infrastructure you run on to help improve our team’s communication, support, and product development efforts. If you have not used the Beta or do not know much about GATK4, please tell us in this survey, as that is very useful for us to know. This survey is for anyone who has ever used any GATK version.

The Survey

The survey is 27 questions long and should take 10 minutes to complete. We want to compensate you for your time so we have gotten some reward funding from the Intel Center for Genomic Data Engineering, established at the Broad Institute in 2017.

We will randomly draw 100 survey participants and offer each winner one prize of their choosing:

  • $50 Amazon gift card (85 available)
  • $250 FireCloud credit (10 available)
  • $500 FireCloud credit (5 available)

In the survey, we ask that you leave your contact email and rank the prizes in the order you’d like to receive them. We will allocate them as we randomly draw winners. This means if we have run out of FireCloud credit and you are the sixth person who put this as your number one choice, we will allocate you your second choice. The survey will be live for one month.

We know that everyone is busy with their work and we think that these gifts and the action your feedback will generate is worth the twenty minutes spared. The FireCloud credit reward could even go into funding your research! Whether you win something or not, your feedback is used for a greater purpose - your opinions will help the Broad team and the collaborators at the Intel Center learn how to improve the GATK communities’ experience by understanding its needs.

Thank you for reading & good luck!

Note on prizes: Amazon gift cards will be issued for use in your home country.

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Tue 17 Oct 2017

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