We've had a very active workshop season so far, and just because it's almost summer doesn't mean we're slowing down. Later this month we'll be at the GCC/BOSC conference in Portland, OR, teaching a 2.5 hr GATK4 workshop, as well as assisting colleagues who are teaching a WDL pipelining workshop. There's still some space open so register now if you'd like to join us!

In July we'll be in Cambridge, UK to teach our now-classic 4-day workshop; it's fully booked at this point but there's a waitlist you can add yourself to here. Even if you don't get in, it tells us how many people would have liked to attend but couldn't, and that helps us determine how many more workshops we need to organize and where.

In September we'll be teaching the same 4-day workshop formula in Seville, Spain, augmented with a 5th day on variant interpretation taught by the host institution. Registration for this workshop just opened here.

As always, there will be more -- and if you're interested in hosting us at your institution, just let me know in the comments or over private message.

manolis on 13 Jun 2018

Dear Geraldine VdAuwera, I would like to know if the "Disease variant prioritization tutorial - September 21, 2018", next day to the GATK workshop... is it already included in the registration? Best, Emmanouil

Geraldine_VdAuwera on 13 Jun 2018

I believe it is included but I would recommend you contact the Spanish host to be sure, as that is an add-on that they are running.

manolis on 13 Jun 2018

I confirm that it is included, I had the answer from the Spain event organization! Thanks

chahat on 13 Jun 2018

Hi Geraldine, Any chance of the workshop being organized in/near Texas? Thanks!

Geraldine_VdAuwera on 13 Jun 2018

@chahat Sorry, we haven’t received any invitations within the US for the full workshop this year. The next ones we’re working on are Taiwan (again) in December and Denmark in Jan/February. We’re taking invitations now for next year, if you'd like to get your institution to invite us. We do it for free, we just ask for reimbursement of travel & living expenses. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding and motivating whoever is responsible for organizing training for the institution or department. The other thing we’re planning is to develop online training courses (EdX style) to accommodate the overwhelming majority of people who never get a chance to attend an onsite workshop. But that will take some time to put together too.

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