We're aware that there is an unusually large amount of spam flooding the forum right now and are working with our host to address this issue. We may need to restrict access on a temporary basis. Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this causes you and thank you for your patience!

jimkress on 14 Nov 2018

Has this spam issue been resolved? I unsubscribed from email notifications to end it on my side. I'd like to resubscribe if the spam issue is eliminated.

steveb on 14 Nov 2018

is this affecting me? I cannot post a question to any forum!

steveb on 14 Nov 2018

From previous posts I see that Spam Filters have disabled people from posting previously....So I will wait to contact somebody after NOv25 to verify my account and alllow me to post my quetion about creating PON for FFpe SAMPLES

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Don't miss this #GATK workshop -- we've got a great crew lined up and the location isn't half bad either :) https://t.co/b0fL8ZLwzn
23 Jul 19
@Brunods1001 It’s been updated to use GATK4, which addresses the invalid bam output issue that affected the GATK3 v… https://t.co/AUlbjmHKmm
11 Jul 19
Wrapping up the #GATK workshop in Cambridge, UK -- it's been a blast. Great group of participants and fantastic hos… https://t.co/bvwGTU7lYq
11 Jul 19
Check out this blog post for a quick tour of how to use #GATK workshop tutorial workspaces in @TerraBioApp https://t.co/xNoxTTFejp
11 Jul 19
#GATK workshop resources are now all available in the cloud on @TerraBioApp -- Here's the somatic variant analysis… https://t.co/Tecbcr7joa
11 Jul 19

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Me: driving myself insane over what data to keep and what to not bother with for thesis and also frantically trying… https://t.co/er2klIcw5i
18 Jul 19
@RareSeas first attempt at teaching the GATK course, do I look puzzled up there? https://t.co/4mqkHbWJy4
11 Jul 19
Can you spot CDGP PhD student, Dr. Alice Denyer, brushing up on the latest bioinformatics tools from @gatk_dev? The… https://t.co/KAbdlWLbcb
10 Jul 19
GATK workshop materials available online! Learn it in your own time with @ProjectJupyter notebooks. ^MT https://t.co/IKDa6SGwaU
8 Jul 19
Bioinformatics Community Conference 2020 will be July 18-25 in Toronto!🇨🇦The greatness of @OBF_BOSC and #usegalaxy… https://t.co/zp7CeGwoPh
4 Jul 19

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