We're planning to organize online live Q&A sessions in which you will be able to submit questions (within a predefined topic, eg. "base recalibration" or "variant calling") for the developers to answer. To help us choose between several software options, we would like to know which of the following options would be the most valuable to you (please choose one):

  1. Ability to vote for questions, so that the most popular questions get answered (we expect a lot of questions and will probably not have time to answer all of them).

  2. Ability to chat directly with us if your question is picked, so that if our answer doesn't really answer your question you can clarify or ask for more details.

Feel free to tell us in the comments what other features would be useful.

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GATK Dev Team


@ksuhre @desertGenomics Ah, but they should have used the new #GATK4 *somatic* best practices for this! Though by t… https://t.co/d4Yqes9Qig
16 Jan 18
@micknudsen Ah that makes sense — though IR will sometimes not produce the same alignment as you would get in the b… https://t.co/fy4NP0H4tm
16 Jan 18
@micknudsen There’s a pull request out porting it to GATK4, if there’s that much demand for it we can take it in. W… https://t.co/rLSeC8xRFy
16 Jan 18
@PaoloDiTommaso @broadinstitute We’re working on the migration guide, should take another week or two. Will update… https://t.co/qlsGKd2ixV
14 Jan 18

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@gatk_dev Thanks for giving GATK a BSD license. Great scientific software available to all
13 Jan 18
Thanks @broadinstitute @gatk_dev for the awesome Amazon gift card!!! I am happy to answer all of your surveys!
11 Jan 18
The @broadinstitute this week released #GATK4, the much-anticipated version 4 update to the Genome Analysis Toolkit… https://t.co/lmLyR7kVZO
10 Jan 18
Ditto here, thanks @gatk_dev @BroadFireCloud! New opportunities for advancement in #genomics #cancer #ngs research… https://t.co/fCuAoROh5o
10 Jan 18
Thanks for free credits @gatk_dev @BroadFireCloud & @googlecloud!
10 Jan 18

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