Do you ever get frustrated by the current state of the GATK documentation? Do you find it hard to find information about what tools you should use and how they work? And when you do find relevant documentation, do you ever find it unclear and difficult to understand?

Yeah, so do we. The amount of new tools and algorithms has exploded in recent years, and despite our best efforts, it can be tough for us to keep our educational materials clear and up to date. So we're preparing to make a big push to address these problems.

First order of business: we're hiring!

Specifically, we have a science writer position open in our User Education team:

This job might be right for you if:

  • You love to communicate complex scientific and technical concepts
  • You share our drive to support and empower researchers worldwide to make important discoveries
  • You want to be part of a fun, lively team at one of the leading genomics research centers in the world
  • You wouldn't mind having job security and great benefits for a change
  • You think you can do better than what we currently have

Seriously, if this is you, go ahead and apply today.

And if it's not right for you, maybe it would be right for one of your friends?

Think about it -- you help your friend get a great job AND you'll get better GATK documentation out of the deal. It's perfect. What are you waiting for, send them the link now!

A great place to work -- and have a life!

Do you like having a life? Year after year the Broad Institute places very high on those "Best places to work" lists like this one from Working Mother magazine. You can check out the full WM ratings to understand what makes it so great.

And finally, here's a video about what it's like to work in our part of the Broad Institute, the Data Sciences Platform to finish convincing you that joining us is a great idea. If you've watched any of our workshop videos, you may recognize a few familiar faces!

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