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GATK Dev Team


@ksuhre @desertGenomics Ah, but they should have used the new #GATK4 *somatic* best practices for this! Though by t… https://t.co/d4Yqes9Qig
16 Jan 18
@micknudsen Ah that makes sense — though IR will sometimes not produce the same alignment as you would get in the b… https://t.co/fy4NP0H4tm
16 Jan 18
@micknudsen There’s a pull request out porting it to GATK4, if there’s that much demand for it we can take it in. W… https://t.co/rLSeC8xRFy
16 Jan 18
@PaoloDiTommaso @broadinstitute We’re working on the migration guide, should take another week or two. Will update… https://t.co/qlsGKd2ixV
14 Jan 18

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@gatk_dev Thanks for giving GATK a BSD license. Great scientific software available to all
13 Jan 18
Thanks @broadinstitute @gatk_dev for the awesome Amazon gift card!!! I am happy to answer all of your surveys!
11 Jan 18
The @broadinstitute this week released #GATK4, the much-anticipated version 4 update to the Genome Analysis Toolkit… https://t.co/lmLyR7kVZO
10 Jan 18
Ditto here, thanks @gatk_dev @BroadFireCloud! New opportunities for advancement in #genomics #cancer #ngs research… https://t.co/fCuAoROh5o
10 Jan 18
Thanks for free credits @gatk_dev @BroadFireCloud & @googlecloud!
10 Jan 18

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