We've been getting so caught up in the excitement of the imminent beta release of GATK4 (possibly later this week!), we forgot to announce upcoming workshops! And two of them are coming up fast, in just a month from now. Specifically, we'll be in Cambridge, UK, July 12-14 and then in Edinburgh, UK, July 17-19. There's still time to register for both but the hands-on sessions have limited space, so don't wait around!

GATK is also going to be making a brief appearance at BOSC '17 in Prague, CZ, July 21-22. Our team member Kate Voss will give a lightning talk and present a poster about our genomics pipelining stack that is composed of GATK4+WDL+Cromwell. I'm frankly delighted that our abstract was accepted as a late-breaking submission; it's a pleasure to kick off the new open-source era of GATK at the most open-sourcey meeting of the year!

Going forward, be sure to check out the new Events calendar feature we just now added to the website to help you keep track of events more systematically.

micknudsen on 14 Jun 2017

Will it be possible for attendees to bring their own data to the hands-on sessions and ask questions related to that? E.g. about confusing variants calls (and lack thereof)?

Geraldine_VdAuwera on 14 Jun 2017

@micknudsen It's not something we budget time for so we typically don't have the time to go over attendees' own data. We can try to discuss cases during e.g. coffee breaks of course, but depending on the level of complexity of the issue, that may not prove productive. Are you experiencing issues that we haven't been able to help you with on the forum?

micknudsen on 14 Jun 2017

@Geraldine_VdAuwera I think the forum is great for solving many problems. I was just thinking about diving a little deeper and understand what is going on behind the scenes in GATK to explain why variants are called or not. I will stick to the forums :smile:

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