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The fraction of reads deemed informative over the entire cohort

Category Annotation Modules

VCF Field INFO (variant-level)

Type BetaTestingAnnotation, ReducibleAnnotation

Header definition line
  • INFO=<ID=FractionInformativeReads,Number=1,Type=Float,Description="The fraction of informative reads out of the total reads">

  • Overview

    The FractionInformativeReads annotation produces a single fraction for each site: sum(AD)/sum(DP). The sum in the numerator is over all the samples in the cohort and all the alleles in each sample. The sum in the denominator is over all the samples.


    • This annotation can be generated by HaplotypeCaller, MuTect2 or GenotypeGVCFs (it will not work when called from VariantAnnotator).

    Related annotations

    • DepthPerAlleleBySample displays the number of reads supporting each allele, without calculating the fraction.

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