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Keep only reads with matching Read Group platform

Category Read Filters


Keep only reads where the the Read Group platform attribute (RG:PL tag) contains the given string.

Note: Matching is done by case-insensitive substring matching.

PlatformReadFilter specific arguments

This table summarizes the command-line arguments that are specific to this tool. For more details on each argument, see the list further down below the table or click on an argument name to jump directly to that entry in the list.

Argument name(s) Default value Summary
Required Arguments
[] Platform attribute (PL) to match

Argument details

Arguments in this list are specific to this tool. Keep in mind that other arguments are available that are shared with other tools (e.g. command-line GATK arguments); see Inherited arguments above.

--platform-filter-name / NA

Platform attribute (PL) to match

R Set[String]  []

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