Nightly builds

Nightlies are the latest versions of GATK to come out of our development pipeline. They are generated automatically every night and represent the absolute bleeding edge of our work. We provide them for testing bug fixes and so that adventurous souls may experiment with the very latest features, but you should be aware that these versions are completely unsupported (unless we specifically asked you to try them as part of a bug report follow-up) and that if you choose to use them, you do so at your own risk! If that's not what you're looking for (and if you're not sure, it probably isn't) you should return to the general Download page and get the latest safe version of GATK.

If this is what you want, go right ahead -- but be sure to also download the corresponding Tool Documentation bundle. The nightly builds may have some differences in available arguments and default values relative to the last release, so you'll want to have the right Tool Docs on hand if you run into any trouble or new features.

Note also that the system requirements for nightly build versions may be different than what is documented for the current version.


The GATK package is made available for free to academic researchers under a limited license for non-commercial use. If you plan to use the GATK for-profit, you will need to purchase a license. Please see the Licensing page for more information.