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References for Scala development

The online course Functional Programming Principles in Scala taught by Martin Odersky, creator of Scala, and a Cheat Sheet for that course

Scala by Example (PDF) - also by Martin Odersky

First Steps to Scala

Programming Scala - O'Reilly Media

Scala School - Twitter

Scala Style Guide

A Concise Introduction To Scala

Scala Operator Cheat Sheet

A Tour of Scala

Stack Overflow

A Conversation with Martin Odersky

  1. The Origins of Scala
  2. The Goals of Scala's Design
  3. The Purpose of Scala's Type System
  4. The Point of Pattern Matching in Scala

Scala Collections for the Easily Bored

  1. A Tale of Two Flavors
  2. One at a Time
  3. All at Once

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