Cancer Program Data Resources

Tumor microenvironment and Drug resistance
A high-throughput co-culture system was developed to systematically assay the ability of stromal cells to influence the innate resistance of 45 cancer cell lines to anti-cancer drugs. Protein antibody microarrays were used to assess the presence of hundreds of secreted proteins in the preconditioned media of the stromal cells. This database led to the identification of HGF as a cytokine that can induce resistance of Melanoma tumors with BRAF mutations to RAF inhibition therapy.



Genes, Cancers, and DNA Mutations


Tumorscape is designed to facilitate the use and understanding of high resolution copy number data amassed from multiple cancer types.  It enables download and interactive viewing of 3131 cancer copy-number profiles across several dozen cancer types; gene-level queries to determine the rate and significance of alteration of every gene; and cancer-type-level queries to identify the significant regions of copy-number alteration.