Tumor microenvironment and Drug resistance

A high-throughput co-culture system was developed to systematically assay the ability of stromal cells to influence the innate resistance of 45 cancer cell lines to anti-cancer drugs. Protein antibody microarrays were used to assess the presence of hundreds of secreted proteins in the preconditioned media of the stromal cells. This database led to the identification of HGF as a cytokine that can induce resistance of Melanoma tumors with BRAF mutations to RAF inhibition therapy.


Ravid Straussman
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Tables 1 and 2 - lists of all cell lines and drugs that were used in the screens.
Tables 3 and 4 - screen results
Tables 5 and 6 - Results of protein anibody microarrays evaluating the presence of 567 secreted factors in the media of all stromal cell lines.
Table 7 - Clinical data (HGF in Melanomas)

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Tumour micro-environment elicits innate resistance to RAF inhibitors through HGF secretion