Cancer Cell Line Factory (CCLF)

The limited availability of appropriate disease models is a major bottleneck that limits research impact. If model systems representing the genetic diversity of diseases such as cancer were readily available, experiments to understand the biological consequence of particular gene mutations and to develop new therapeutic strategies could proceed more rapidly. Until recently, despite enormous effort dedicated to the creation of cancer cell line models, success rates have been very low (often zero).
We have launched a pilot Cancer Cell Line Factory project at the Broad Institute, together with hospital partners, to explore how best to overcome current obstacles, produce faithful models at scale and explore the ethical issues associated with enabling rapid and unfettered access. Our project aims to:

  1. Establish robust SOPs for major cancer types
  2. Comprehensively characterize genomes of new models
  3. Enable rapid and unfettered access
  4. Prioritize treatments for each cancer patient

We've made exciting progress and are always looking for new collaborators.

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An ecosystem of cancer cell line factories to support a cancer dependency map.
Jesse Boehm and Todd Golub call for an international effort to establish >10,000 cancer cell line models as a community resource. Cancer cell line factories will facilitate the creation of a cancer dependency map, connecting cancer genomics to therapeutic dependencies.