DISCOVAR is under constant development, with many new features and improvement planned. Below is a snapshot of our development roadmap, in order of priority.

Is there something missing that you think is important? If so, then please tell us. Or just let us know if you would really like a proposed feature – it helps us prioritize. Join the discussion on the DISCOVAR user forum.

DISCOVAR development roadmap

Feature: Capability of assembling entire human data set (at once).
Status: Under development.

Feature: Correctly render graph features into VCF.
Status: Under discussion; modifications to VCF format will be required.

Feature: Mark weakly supported edges and port to variants.
Status: Under development.

Feature: Allow use of jumping library data.
Status: On hold, pending demand and other feature requests.

Feature: Allow use of Oxford Nanopore data.
Status: Planned.

Feature: Allow use of 100 base and shorter Illumina reads.
Status: Not planned, although this might be allowed for jumping reads.