IGV 2.10.x

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IGV 2.10.0, released June 2021

This release includes the following new features and improvements:

New features

  • Support for displaying RNA and DNA base modification tags in BAM files, described in samtools/hts-specs Git issue #362. These tags are now implemented by several Oxford Nanopore tools that detect base modifications, including Megalodon and Guppy. (Git issue #945)
  • Allow filtering of feature/annotation tracks based on attributes, via Tracks > Filter Tracks. (Git issue #941)
  • New batch command: sortByAttribute

Bug fixes

  • Couldn't open .igv files from pre-signed Amazon S3 links. (Git issue #922
  • Tracks were not autoscaling when loading from a port or batch script. (Git issue #925)
  • Changing to autoscale or group autoscale on numeric tracks would not take effect until the user did something to cause a redraw, for example, pan or zoom the view.
  • Fixed issue with gene track translations. When the translation table was changed to "vertebrate mitochondrial" and then back to "standard", the translations in the RefSeq track were incorrect. (Git issue #923)

IGV 2.10.2, released July 2021

Note: there was no 2.10.1 release. 

This bug fix release includes the following improvements:

  • Fixed a problem with displaying extra large chromosomes (1024^3 bp). (Git issue #977 - initial issue) 
  • Fixed a problem with loading BAM files that do not store read sequence. (Git issue #977 - part 2) 
  • Tracks generated via Tools > Find Motif are now correctly saved in sessions. (Git issue #988
  • Fixed a problem in alignment tracks that caused the right-click popup menu command Copy read details to the clipboard to fail.
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes occurred when reloading tracks (via File > Reload Tracks) if using a local reference genome.

IGV 2.10.3, released July 2021

  • Fixed a problem with displaying the popup information in alignment tracks - no details where shown for paired-end alignments when "View as pairs" was enabled. (Git issue #1003