IGV 2.15.x

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IGV 2.15.1, released October 2022

New features:

  • Allow setting access tokens for specific hosts from batch scripts.  (Git Issue #1199)
  • Option to explicitly set maximum splice coverage from Splice Junction Track.  (Git Issue #1110

Other updates and bug fixes:

  • Change "mut" file parsing to assume 1-based coordinates by default. (Git Issue #1226)
  • Use ID attribute for feature info links if ID is explicitly set. Fixes regression introduced post release 2.12.3. (Git Issue #1232)
  • Images were not being saved from Sashimi plots. (Git Issue #1214)

IGV 2.15.2, released November 2022

  Bug fixes: 
  • IGV did not start up when using a proxy. (Git Issue #1251
  • IGV asked for Google login even for for public Google datasets.
  • Sashimi plots truncated graphs if multiple samples were loaded.

IGV 2.15.4, released December 2022

  New Features:
  • In hyperlinks that load data into IGV (see documentation here), the merge paramater now can be assigned the value ask, which will pop up a dialog and ask the user whether or not to unload the current session before loading the new data tracks.  (Git Issue #1261
  • Coordinates in .mut mutation files are now by default assumed to be "0 based half-open" (UCSC Genome Browser style). There is also a new parameter in View > Preferences > Mutations that allows you to change the default behavior to "1 based, fully-closed", and a .mut file can include a new #coords directive to explictly set the value to either 0 or 1.
Bug fixes: 
  • In batch scripts, quoting the string for the genome path was not working.  (Git Issue #1258