The Cytoband file format is used to specify the cytobands for a reference genome defined by a .genome file. IGV uses this file to draw the chromosome ideograms for the genome.

A cytoband file is a five-column tab-delimited text file. Each row of the file describes the position of a cytogenetic band. The columns in the file match the columns of the cytoBand table in the database underlying the UCSC Genome Browser. To download cytoband files for genomes hosted at UCSC, see the UCSC Table Browser, and select Group="All Tables" and Table="cytoBand".

Column Example Data Type Description
chrom chr1 string Chromosome
chromStart 0 integer

Start position in chromosome sequence

chromEnd 2300000 integer End position in chromosome sequence
name p36.33 string Name of cytogenetic band
gieStain gneg string Giemsa stain results. Recognized stain values: gneg, gpos50, gpos75, gpos25, gpos100, acen, gvar, stalk