Feature Track Options

Viewing Options for the Feature Track

There are 3 different options for viewing the feature track.  These allow you to display overlapping features, such as different transcripts of a gene, on one line or multiple lines

To change the view of the feature track, right-click on the feature track and select one of the options:




Exon Jumping

This feature is similar to feature jumping.  To feature-jump, you select a feature track and press Ctrl-F for forward, Ctrl-B for back.  To exon-jump, you select a feature track and press SHIFT-Ctrl-F to center the next exon in your view, SHIFT-Ctrl-B to move back one exon.

GFF style tags for BED files

The "name" field (column 4) of a BED file can contain GFF3 style key-value attribute tags by specifying "gffTags=on" on the track line.  These attributes will be displayed in the mouse hover popup text.