Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some useful keyboard shortcuts you can use in IGV.

Shortcut Description
ctrl-R Defines the region currently in view as a region of interest.
ctrl-F/ctrl-B Skip forward to the next feature and back to the last feature.
ctrl-shift-F/ctrl-shift-B If you have the feature track expanded and have selected one of the rows, this will skip forward to the next exon or back to the last exon.

alt-left/alt-right (Windows)
cmd-[ and cmd-] (Mac)

These move you back and forward through your IGV history.
Arrow keys Pans left, right, up, and down in the current chromosome.
Home/End keys Skips to the page top or bottom of the current view, then pages right or left respectively.
PageUp/PageDown keys Pages up and down the current view.