IGV 1.1

New in this release

IGV 1.1, released September 2008, includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Load from server. Select File>Load from server to load genomic data from a public server hosted by the Broad Institute. As of September 2008, the public server holds datasets from the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project (see http://www.broadinstitute.org/software/igv/tcga).
  • Fit to window. Select Tracks>Fit to Window to modify the track height so that all tracks are displayed. For very large datasets, IGV sets the track height to the minimum value of 1 pixel.
  • Set track height. The menu items Tracks>Set Default Track Height and Tracks>Reset Tracks have been replaced with a single menu item: Tracks>Set Track Height. To set the default track height, use the Preferences window (View>Preferences).
  • Mutations. Hovering over a mutation "overlay" now displays the mutated base rather than the underlying track name.

Fixed in this release

IGV 1.1 corrects the following known issues:

  • IGV now ensures that track height is saved as an integer. Previously, saving track height as a non-integer occasionally prevented IGV from starting.
  • Restoring a session no longer requires a refresh. Previously, when you restored a session, the search box displayed the saved genome location but you occassionally had to click the Refresh icon to correctly display that portion of the genome.
  • The IGV User Guide now correctly documents the delimiters in the GCT file format: In the second column of the GCT file, the Description column, include the HUGO gene symbol or chromosome location within the delimiters |@ and |.