Finally a workflow language meant to be read and written by humans

Are you sick of bash scripts that look like overcooked spaghetti and hold up about just as well under pressure? Do you get overwhelmed by sophisticated workflow languages before you even get past their Hello World example?

Enter WDL, pronounced widdle, a new workflow description language that is designed from the ground up as a human-readable and -writable way to express tasks and workflows.

WDL makes it easy to:

  • Describe analysis tasks
  • Chain tasks into workflows
  • Use advanced features like parallelization

Without requiring an advanced degree in engineering or informatics, for once!

WDL is brought to you by the engineering team that supports the Broad's genome analysis pipelines, with their massive expertise implementing pipelines involving complex toolkits like GATK, and the outreach team that provides user support to the GATK community.