Heads up! We're participating in an event organized by DNAstack in the context of the GA4GH meetings, just prior to the ASHG meeting in Orlando, FL in a few weeks. It's a two-hour evening event focused on open reproducible workflows, and will feature hands-on demos of WDL and Cromwell, as well as Dockstore and DNAstack's own platform, which uses WDL. The WDL and Cromwell section will be presented by our very own Jeff Gentry, who leads the Cromwell development team, accompanied by Cromwell product owner Kate Voss and GATK's resident scientific writer, Soo Hee Lee. We'll be running some GATK4 pipelines and generally having a good time nerding out about easy breezy reproducible workflows.

So join us if you're in town; register here now, as space is limited.

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@gatk_dev #OpenWDL is so psyched to be going to #gccbosc2018, it's spilling over from its own training session into… https://t.co/8EvkIeumfz
9 May 18
@KMS_Meltzy @geoffjentry Check out the PyCharm/IntelliJ IDE plugin, it will make your life so much better! https://t.co/c18IW4d29f
22 Feb 18
RT @broadinstitute: Join the @gatk_dev team & guests on Facebook Live (https://t.co/Y21yTHqNX4) -- 1/9, 2pm (EST) -- for the #GATK4 launch.…
8 Jan 18

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