Saving mistakes in Cromwell logs
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Whenever I run workflow with mistake a see some weird errors in cromwell-server akka-logs while nothing is written to cromwell-workflow-logs
Here is a simple example:

workflow worms {

  File samplesFile

  #Name \t File
  Array[Array[File]] samples = read_tsv(samplesFile)

  scatter (sample in samples) {
    call stats {
            fileName = sample(0), #simple mistake with "()" instead of "[]"
            file =  sample(1)

task stats {

  String fileName
  File file

  command {
    /opt/sratoolkit/sra-stat ${file} > stats.txt

  runtime {
    docker: "itsjeffreyy/sratoolkit"

  output {
    File stats = "stats.txt"

Here I make quite typical mistake by using () instead of []. But when I send it to the server for execution it I get an empty cromwell-workflow-logs folder and errors are displayed only in stdout of the cromwell server. What I expect is to see them in cromwell-workflow-logs (if my expectations are wrong, it would be nice to have in documentation a description of which log folder are for which type of errors)
By the way, according to the error I get, you use runtime reflection to search for "sample" function (that is perceived as a function instead of array due to round brackets). Not the safest, way to identify functions, IMHO.

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