Working directory path with space and parentheses
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I have an similar issue to this #1306, but I don't think OP's solution fits whats going in my case since input files are not part of the issue.

Using the hello-world example:

task hello {
  String name

  command {
    echo 'Hello ${name}!'
  output {
    File response = stdout()

workflow test {
  call hello

with input

  "": "World"

I run $ cromwell run hello.wdl hello.json hello.out

I get the error message:

/Users/jasonweirather/Dropbox (Partners HealthCare)/projects/2017_08_FIRECLOUD/cromwell-executions/test/12ed39b6-cf8f-4ea1-a965-193cd89f99e9/call-hello/execution/stderr.background
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

Seems it may be having troubles being run from a working directory with a space and parentheses.

This was done on Mac OS X 10.12.6 in the bash terminal.
Version of cromwell is cromwell: 28-5fd2237-SNAP

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