wdltool should report optionals (even with defaults)
open | Created 2017-08-09 | Last updated 2019-02-22| Posted by cjllanwarne | See in Github

User Requested Improvement

#When wdltool generates an inputs JSON, you want to include all required and optional values, even if the optional values have defaults. For example:

workflow foo {
  Int a
  Int b = 5
  Int? c
  Int? d = 5
  Int e = a + b
  Int? f = a + b # Not sure how to handle this one

Should create inputs, something like this (not 100% sure of the format it creates):

  "foo.a": "Int"
  "foo.c": "Int?"
  "foo.d": "Int? with default"
  "foo.f": "Int? with default"

The handling of e and f is probably why this has been punted until now.

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