womtool does not detect missing inputs for sub-workflow
open | Created 2018-02-01 | Last updated 2019-02-21| Posted by LeeTL1220 | See in Github

Needs Triage User Requested Improvement WDL Developer Joy

Given the following call to a sub-workflow in a larger workflow:

call CNVOncotator.CNVOncotatorWorkflow as CNVOncotatorWorkflow {
                  called_file = CallCopyRatioSegmentsTumor.called_copy_ratio_segments,
                 additional_args = additional_args,
                 oncotator_docker = oncotator_docker,
                 mem_gb_for_oncotator = mem_gb_for_oncotator,
                 preemptible_attempts = preemptible_attempts

Even though additional_args and mem_gb_for_oncotator are not defined, this workflow still validates.

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