Allow for overriding individual steps in a workflow
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User Requested Improvement

Initially suggested by @yfarjoun

Imagine a world where one could submit a WDL but then in the workflow options tell Cromwell to replace the call to task foo with the task bar in some other WDL file. This would allow users to experiment with modifications to a workflow w/o a) needing to make a full copy of the original WDL and b) needing the original WDL author to have allowed for this (a flaw in many proposals for similar use cases). One could even imagine a world where one could swap in a CWL step for a WDL call or vice versa.

For now let's KISS and see how it goes:

  • WDL only
  • The replacement call must have the same shape as the original call (i.e. same input and output types)

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