spec of CallMetadata outdated
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Documentation User Requested Improvement

( Related: #3860 ) The REST API spec for CallMetadata given at https://cromwell.readthedocs.io/en/develop/api/RESTAPI/#callmetadata
does not quite match what is actually returned by
Specifically, the actual response is a list of one or more call attempts.
Also, the 'output' part of the call does not seem to be in the spec.

Also, the callCaching data that is returned, is not part of the spec. I understand that this is something you may deliberately want to omit from the official API as an implementation detail. However, I'm finding the md5 values to be quite useful for correllating analysis parameters to results. But I'm uneasy building on this unofficial API, which as I noticed sometimes does change (e.g. crc32 is sometimes used instead of md5?) It would be great if you could specify an official API for the callCaching metadata. Or, even better, add a map from file path to the file's md5, for each file used in inputs or outputs.

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