FireBrowse is a simple and elegant way to explore cancer data, backed by a powerful computational infrastructure, application programming interface (API), graphical tools and online reports.  It sits above the TCGA GDAC Firehose, one of the deepest and most integratively characterized open cancer datasets in the world--with over 80K sample aliquots from 11,000+ cancer patients, spanning 38 unique disease cohorts.  FireBrowse makes it possible to find any of thousands of data archives generated by Firehose in just 2 clicks.  Likewise, two clicks are all that's needed to find any of the ~1500 analysis resports created by Firehose in each analysis run.  For programmers a powerful RESTful API is provided, with bindings to the UNIX command line, Python and R.  And for scientists we provide graphical tools like viewGene to explore expression levels, and iCoMut to explore the comprehensive analysis profile of each TCGA disease study within a single, interactive figure.

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