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Below are a list of citations using Sweep as well as their corresponding data sets when available.

    Citations and Data Sets
The following papers have cited Sweep:

    Miretti, M. M., E. C. Walsh, et al. (2005). "A high-resolution linkage-disequilibrium map
    Soranzo, N., B. Bufe, et al. (2005). "Positive selection on a high-sensitivity allele of
the human bitter-taste receptor TAS2R16." Curr Biol 15(14): 1257-65.

    Yu, F., P. C. Sabeti, et al. (2005). "Positive Selection of a Pre-Expansion CAG Repeat of
the Human SCA2 Gene." PLoS Genet 1(3): e41.

    Sabeti, P. C., E. Walsh, et al. (2005). "The case for selection at CCR5-delta32."
PLoS Biology 3(11): e378.

CCR5_ceu.zip: 71 polymorphisms including delta32 (rs333) genotyped in and around CCR5 in Europeans. Delta32 is SNP #55 in the file and the deletion is represented by a T allele. It lies in the haplotype block including SNPs #50-57.

    The International HapMap Consortium (2005) "A haplotype map of the human genome."
Nature 437: 1299-1320.

YRIchr22.zip: Chromosome 22 in YRI. Open the chr22.many file to view the whole chromosome at once. One of the strongest signals of selection in the genome emanates from a 200kb region between Exon 12 and Exon 16 of the LARGE gene on Chromosome 22.